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Reed Space - 13th Witness Recent Works Exhibition

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There is something to be say about 13th Witness' images though we don't think words can convey it. Maybe its his methodology, those dangerous routine of cycling along side his subjects, disregarding oncoming traffics. Or maybe its his raw aesthetics, which are easily understood by urbanites everywhere. Whatever the "it" might be, there is no denying the talents of Tim McGurr, the mastermind behind 13th Witness. For those who haven't view McGurr's works up close, next Monday, September 13th, would be your chance as Jeff Staple's storefront, Reed Space, opens the 13th Witness Exhibition. Featuring all new images from McGurr, the extensive display include new works never shown in public. In the meantime, Jeff Staple sat down with McGurr for a conversation in his 1-2-1 video series. The exhibition is set to be on display till September 30th.

13th Witness - Recent Works Exhibition
Reed Space
151 Orchard Street | Map
New York, NY 10002

Opening Reception: September 13th (Monday) | 8 pm - 10 pm
Exhibition Date: September 13th (Monday) - September 30th (Thursday)