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UNDERCOVER x Coca Cola - The Limited Music Collection

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Beverage and fashion or even art and design have not been mutually exclusive in the world, as many artists and designers have at one point of time or another collaborated with a beverage company to redesign its receptacle. For instance, Karl Lagerfeld had worked with Coca Cola, and Andy Warhol has served as an inspiration for a new collection of Dom Perignon bottles. This season, however, Jun Takahashi's UNDERCOVER has joined forces with Coca Cola Zero to create the Limited Music Collection.

The collection is named "Zero Makes Noise", and to keep design in line with the sonic theme, Takahashi has redesigned the Undercover bear and gave it an electronic guitar to rock out too. This collection not only includes new limited edition Coca Cola Zero, but it also features Undercover x Coca Cola zero Jeans, T-Shirt, iPhone cases and tote back. Each item features the specially re-designed Undercover bear, and some are complete with the iconic "U" mark. This project has been curated by Hong Kong's SILLY THING, and it is Undercover's first non-fashion collaboration.

The collection was just released at Undercover Hong Kong today.