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Nike Court Ballistec 2.2 – Rafael Nadal Tennis Ball Edition

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Sorry to those who have been banking on a Nadal vs. Federer game for the US Open finals. But, for Nadal’s fans, there is something to rejoice and celebrate after Nadal smoked Djokovic. That said, Nadal fans can now check out this great memorabilia from Nike, designed by Nadal– the Nike Ballistec 2.2 – Rafael Nadal Tennis Ball Edition. With a yellow green upper mimicking the tennis ball, with a white Swoosh (to represent the white stripes on the tennis ball), these are the perfect footwear rendering of the tennis game. The versions shown here are have been autographed, and one of them was signed by Serena Williams when she hung out with Rob Heppler at Barneys. These shoes were on sale at the Nike Store at US Open, but quantity was extremely limited. Thanks to Rob Heppler.