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Coca-Cola Secert Formula Apprenticeship Program

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In a sad world where graduating college students often find themselves taking whatever is available (administrative assistant at a mid-sized insurance company, anyone?) or moving back home, Coca Cola has rolled out a Coca Cola Secret Formula Apprenticeship Program which connected three young people to work in the field of entertainment, fashion and music, and work at their dream job for a week. These three apprentice then unlocked the secrets of these company and shared their working experience online at through a digital diary.

For instance, Justine K won the opportunity to work at Lifted Research Group (LRG) and refreshed a t-shirt design. He documented his experience through photographs, videos, and blog entries. All the apprentices' blogs are now available for peruse online at the Coca Cola Secret Formula Apprenticeship Program microsite. Check it out, and you are welcome to interact with the participants, ask questions, or simply say hi.