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Marc Newson “Transport” Exhibition @ Gagosian Gallery | Event Recap

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Relegated to the banal task of getting from Point A to Point B, at one time, each mode of travel enjoyed its brief moment of fanciful exclusivity. Be it husbands and wives outfitted in their Sunday best for a flight from Idlewild Airport, or packed their Louis Vuitton steam trunks with prized possessions for an oceanic voyage across the Atlantic. The early romanticism of automobile culture even spawned a new segment of wearable, hence driving cap, driving gloves and shoes. But like many once exclusive practice, when each of the mentioned became available to the rest of the population, the change commoditized them into merely shells of their former self, where the lowest price points value far more than its adventurous roots. Industrial designer Marc Newson wants to change that.

Now based in London, England, the Australia-born designer has an enviable portfolio of designs retail interior, restaurant, timepiece, and etc… But because his life-long fascination with mode of travels, Newson extensive works include jets, boat, footwear, cars, and more. He’s currently the Creative Director for Qantas Airways as well. In this, his third exhibition with Gagosian Gallery, the curation theme is once again mode of travels, with 7 life-size installations spanning the last decade:

  • Ford 021C Urban Concept Car (1999)

  • Kelvin40 Concept Jet inspired by Tarkovsky’s Solaris (2003)

  • Nike Zvezdochka Sneaker inspired by Russian Cosmonaut program (2004)

  • Nickel Surfboard (2006)

  • EADS Astrium Space Plane Concept for Space Tourism (2007)

  • Biomega MN Special Carbon Fiber Bicycle (2008)

And the debut of Riva Aquariva by Marc Newson, the designer’s reinterpretation of an Italian icon. By the initial appearance, there aren’t much alterations to the luxury speedboat of the French Riviera. Upon a closer inspection, however, the differences in construct become apparent. In place of the classic mahogany deck is an Earth-friendly lamination of linen and resin finish instead. Anodized aluminum hardwares spread cover the water-borne vehicle in forms of handles, hooks, cleats and holds. The cockpit is defined by a streamlined control panel and a special one-piece glass. And finally, a reworked interior based on the original in vibrant turquoise colorway. The fully functional speedboat was created in the original Riva boat-yards in a limited edition run of 22 with purchase availability exclusively through Gagosian Gallery. “Transport” Exhibition by Marc Newson is on display at Gagosian Gallery on 522 West 22nd Street, New York, from now till Saturday, October 16th.

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