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New York Fashion Week – Simon Spurr – Spring/Summer 2011

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New York fashion scene’s latest British expat, Simon Spurr, persists on the great British Savile Row tradition as he continues to deliver well-tailored suits down the runway in a season where many designers have been reacting against trends in the past season, and decided to forgo “British tailoring”. While last season’s Spurr man was one who enjoys classic suits but dwells quite at home on New York’s Lower East Side, this season, the Spurr man is quite a schizophrenic. Or, quadrophrenic to be exact.

According to Spurr, his goal was “a reinforcement of [his] British aesthetic. Quadrophenia (The Who’s sixth studio album), done in a luxurious way”. The collection is luxurious indeed in high-gloss suits with an immaculately tailored satin shine, with bold use of non-traditional menswear palette such as purple and pink. And, there is nothing more luxurious than monogram–which Spurr has generously used on a classic three-piece suit.

Aside from the classic menswear pieces executed with Spurr’s solid tailoring techniques, the collection is a little sporty as well with more casual knits and sweat pants-inspired trousers featuring drawstring. Well-cut premium denim are paired with casual coats and jackets such as a soft grey suede cropped trench or a khaki bomber sports jacket. Check out the collection and the runway video which is available for peruse online now at Spurr. via: