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The RZA x Nike 6.0 - The RZA vs. Mason Aguirre| Video

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Nike 6.0 welcomes rider Mason Aguirre to the team, and Aguirre is now a head-to-toe Nike 6.0 rider! For the upcoming shredding season, The RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan continues his partnership with Nike 6.0 and drops beats for the Nike 6.0 team. After little rhyming sessions for Ryan Dungey, Garrette Reynolds and Kolohe Andino, The RZA now raps to a clip of Mason Aguirre working the half-pipe, which in Aguirre's own words, may "look like a party, but it's not that easy". Check out the video which is a part of Nike 6.0's collaborative campaign with The RZA.