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Edun x Louis Vuitton - Special Edition Monogram Keepall

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This is not the first time Louis Vuitton is collaborating with someone not from the Vuitton family, but this is the first time another label is being credited in a campaign, not to mention, have a campaign built around it as well. For the new installment of the Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign, the French luxury goods house has brought on board Bono and his wife's sustainable and socially conscious label, Edun. The duo are photographed by Anne Leibovitz for the campaign in Africa, and as a part of Louis Vuitton's support for Edun's cause (Louis Vuitton is also a shareholder of the label), Edun and Louis Vuitton have come together to create 45 special edition Keepall in Louis Vuitton's signature monogram leather. It also comes with a special monogram flower bag charm. Check out the bag and the campaign now online at Louis Vuitton.