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Pentax x nanoblock - Optio "LEGO" RS1000 + NB1000 Cameras

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We would love to say that this camera is all about its 14.1MP resolution, 4x optical zoom and 720P video recording capability, but it is not just that. We are a little more frothed about the customizable upper that looks like a happy LEGO Land. After releasing a collection of candy-colored cameras, Pentax takes on the playful route again, this time with nanoblock in tow. The camera's body is now full of bumps that will latch on to other blocks, and you can now have a party on your camera as well. There are two customizable options available, the Safari/Lion (which allows you to create a fun camouflage print or build a little block lion on the greens), and the Monotone Bicycle/Classic camera. The two customizable cameras are the RS1000 and the NB1000. They will be available later this year via Pentax.