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Vernissage TV x Takashi Murakami Interview | Video

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Not too long ago, the maestro of Super Flat, Takashi Murakami, opened his solo exhibition at the stately Chateau de Versailles, and consequently invited a heated debate and some frowns from the more conservative French royalists who are keen on keeping Chateau de Versailles true to its roots and away from modern influences. In this light, Vernissage TV conducted an interview with Murakami, and the artists discussed not the work nor the theme per se, but delved into the preparation for this exhibition, in which location is an influential component. Murakami talked about overcoming political adversity, and exploring and reconciling the difference between French and Japanese aesthetics, where the first continually works around the space in a three-dimensional manner, while the latter is about exploring reality in a flattened-out image.