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BMW - ConnectedDrive System - iPad Docks + iPhone 4 Integration

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Forget the tangling wires cramping your style and making a mess in the front seat; forget installing terrible miniature LCD screens in the car with lackluster display, BMW owners can now rejoice at a new integration system, ConnectedDrive, which allows a rather seamless integration of your favorite and latest Apple products into your drive. ConnectedDrive is not just about a dock in the backseat and at the dashboard, but it also features Bluetooth and text-to-speech function which allows the drive to access their text messages and emails from their phones. Aside from the latest Apple OS4, the system is also compatible with the Blackberry. The best part about ConnectedDrive? BMW will also build a mobile hotspot system into ConnectedDrive so the driver does not have to eat into his or her data plan for all the browsing and internet usage.