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Made For Skate - element Collab + Paperback 2nd Edition

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Granted, skateboarding is not exactly a century-old tradition, but it did have a hefty history behind it, with a substantial crew of pushers to behind the movement, culture and lifestyle. This season, Made For Skate, an embodiment of all things skate is out with an updated edition its anthology of skate shoes through the ages with extra 66 new shoes, and is now in a lighter, more portable paperback edition. To go along with the new publication, Made For Skate has also released news on its collaboration with element and Mike V. The never-before-released skate shoe is based on the "Sequoia", Mike V's third pro-model shoe silhouette, and is a tribute to Mike V's part in Powell Peralta's 1988 video, "Public Domain". Check out the book and the images, get inspired, and keep pushing.