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adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott - Brown Teddy Bears | Detailed Pictures

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Who would have thought a couple of snuggly teddy bears like the Snuggle Bear could be so controversial? Well, when you test a sneakerhead's limit with unorthodox creativity, and stick two overjoyed teddy bear heads into a sneaker as a tongue, controversy ensues. And, no one does controversy and ostentation like the irreverent Jeremy Scott. Not too long ago, Scott caused some jaw-drops with a pair of pink furry Teddy Bears sneakers for his adidas Originals by Originals line, and now, thanks to Sneaker Freaker, we have a closer look at its brown partner-in-crime. Like the pink pair, the entire sneaker is made with soft furry uppers one would want to rub his or her cheeks against, and a happy bear with outstretched arms are now tongues threatening a saccharine embrace. It doesn't really matter who the target audience is, or if we actually know anyone who would be fast to strap furry critters to their feet, Scott always manages to strike a resonant chord in his fans. Plus, we really think Scott should be saluted for keeping it true to the spirit of originality.