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Ferrari x HASSELBLAD - H4D Ferrari Medium Format Digital Camera

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They are the hand cannons for the selected few, armaments for imagery icons of Magnum Photos, Getty, Vogue, not to mention the Apollo space program. For over 150 years, HASSELBLAD been the leading go-to brand for those looking to capture more than just the usual fare of 35mm images. And at this year's Photokina imagery trade show, going on now at Cologne, Germany, the company announced a strategic partnership with another legendary company, car maker Ferrari. Lavished in Rosso Fuoco, a signature color by Ferrari, the Ferrari x HASSELBLAD H4D Ferrari Limited Edition includes that famous Black Stallion, the racing shield of Ferrari, along with a dual layer, glass top handmade case, one for storage of the H4D, the lower portion for the 80mm lens and other accessories. This collectible will be highly sought after since only 499 units will be available worldwide. And for the rest of us, we could only stare at our monitor and drool.