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KAWS Weighs In On Art Asylum Boston Controversy "NO ASSOCIATION"

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Artist Brian Donnelly, or better known by the name KAWS, finally weighs in on the controversy with Art Asylum Boston on his Facebook posting this afternoon. The dispute stemmed from another Facebook posting by Erik "Everlast" Schrody, front man of Irish-American hip hop band House of Pain and avid collector of street art. Last Thursday, September 16th, Schrody wrote on Art Asylum Boston's FB wall the following

I sent dude X grand for a Black 4ft kaws and never got the piece kept getting excuses and when they couldn't deliver send they would wire my refund back and now Jason has been ducking me telling all kinds of lies about where my bread is please help spread the word on this cat and his thieving gallery.

Though erased repeatedly, Schrody kept up the statement as a warning to other collectors that dealt with Art Asylum Boston before. Subsequently, through non-mainstream channels like art blog Posters and Prints, more stories of deceptive practices and fraudulent activities by Art Asylum Boston begin to appear.

In light of the growing dispute, around 4 hours ago, KAWS posted the following statement
KAWS has NO ASSOCIATION with Art Asylum Boston.

If you have been sold KAWS items from this store and believe you have been deceived please send an email to

I am in no way stating to be able to resolve your claim with AAB but ask that you send an email so that we can better understand the scope of this situation.

If you felt the items you purchased from Art Asylum Boston are questionable, please email