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Motorola DROID - R2-D2 Edition | Release Information

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The force is strong with the Motorola Droid this season, as the highly anticipated R2-D2 edition of the popular iPhone contender, Motorola DROID, will finally be releasing its Star Wars robot inspired editions at the end of this month to Verizon Wireless. Aside from an outer-casing dressed in R2-D2 silver with geometric graphic rendering on the screen, the new Droid also comes with special features such as R2-D2 notification sounds and ringtones, live wallpaper, R2-D2 clock widget, "Best of R2-D2" videos with original Cantina music, exclusive binoculars application and a special trivia game. The phones will hit Verizon Wireless online and stores on September 30, so, may the Droid be with you all!