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Nike Boom Commercial Campaign | Video

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It's not "BAM", it's not "Bang", and it's not even a pair of shoes. For Fall, Nike introduces a new useful product that is above all, free. Here, meet "Boom". In the Fall 2010 commercial campaign, Nike explored what "Boom" really is. What is a "Boom" moment? It is when a batter hits a miraculous home run; it is that moment when you find the perfect icing for your neck; it is the moment when you leaped over your opponent with a kick of faith and a little bit of oomph. Featuring several videos and well-known cameo such as Rick Ross, Bo Jackson, Robinson Cano, Tim Tebow and Nndamukong Suh, Nike teaches you what a "Boom" moment is. Behold, we anticipate "Boom" will catch on everywhere really soon.