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Tom Sachs x KRINK Marker Set & Stand

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Perhaps there is no definitive answer to the question, "what is art?". However, that hasn't stop artist Tom Sachs from seeking a solution. In his newest installation, a marker set with graffiti artist Craig Costello, or better known by his tag KRINK, self formulated writing instruments K-12 (White), K-70 (Black) and K-66 (Red), all hand written over by Sachs'own markings. The set also includes a ramshackle built wooden stand, certainly a very expressive piece about the subversive element of New York City. A play on the irony of Dada-ish, it also bears resemblance to Jasper Johns' Painted Bronze, essentially two cans of Ballantine Ale cast in bronze. Only 100 pieces made, each signed and numbered, available at Tom Sachs online store and Paris boutique Colette.