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adidas Originals - Herzogenaurach Suka Jacket | Japan Only

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There is a hint of irony in its origin, the popularity of Sukajan or Suka Jacket first started during the American occupation of Japan after World War II. Then, as with now, U.S. servicemen would sew unit and/or mission patches on their aviator jackets as mementos. The idea quickly spread among the Japanese population, who renamed this style of outerwear as Suka Jacket (or sometimes known as Memorial Jacket). Like selvedge denim and television, Japanese greatly improved the originals with the introduction of silk satin instead of synthetics like nylon or polyester. In place of patches, beautiful embroidery in gold, silver, and exotic threads. However, similar to those worn by U.S. servicemen, Japanese worn their Suka Jacket with a sense of pride as well. Many even doubled as uniforms for Yakuza, or the Japanese mobs.

Aside from the less than ideal association, Suka Jackets remain a popular outerwear in Japan because of its rarity, like these commemorating adidas' hometown of Herzogenaurach. Lavishly embroider with gold threads (on black) and silver thread (on blue), the jacket included a stag's skull design and initials of both  and Tokyo on the back. On the front is a large adidas Tre-Foil and a continuation of the design on the rear 2 large antlers. Original as part of Fall/Winter 2008 Collection for adidas Originals, the 2 Japan-only edtions are now both available at adidas Originals chapter of ZOZOTOWN shopping network.