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Crooked Tongues – 10th Anniversary Crooked BBQ | Event Recap

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Think block parties and BBQ are occurrences that take place only in the U.S.? Well, think again. England’s Crooked Tongues didn’t not hold back 2 weekends ago as it celebrated its 10th anniversary with Crooked BBQ. The event started off like any other Crooked Tongues celebration loud and hungry as the crowd made their ways, or begged their way to front of the food stand for more, invoked an image of Dickens’ David Copperfield asking for more. But always mindful of their guests’ well being, the folks at Crooked Tongues were at the ready to supply more rations till there were no more.

Fed and even more raucous than before, the crowd made the way to the dance floor, sweating away the excess calories gained just hours earlier to tunes spun by David Rodigan, Alexander Nut, Cosmin TRG and Josey Rebelle. And despite the limited capacity, more wanted to join-in as the party. The alleyway quickly became a back-log of partygoers, with many actually waited till the very end (CT apologized). Though there were a few understandable inconveniences, the Crooked BBQ was still considered a huge success. But you don’t have to take our words for it, just look at the trance inducing party photos by Jeff Metal.