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Loopwheeler x Nike Sportswear - Holiday 2010 - Apparel Collection

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Nike Sportswear and Loopwheeler continues their partnership for Holiday 2010, and for those who have acquired the softly spun AW77 hoodie from last fall, this collection should come as a reassuring one, as comfort shall once again, rule the wardrobe. Aside from hoodies, Loopwheeler continues to utilize his special looms to create a collection of t-shirts, crewneck sweat shirts and of course, drawstring hoodies for the upcoming season. For those who didn't know, since Loopwheeler's hoodies are so tightly spun, they possess a great water resistant quality perfect for the colder and drizzly days. The collection is simple as usual, feature nothing more than tonal printed jersey numbers or letters on the items, The hoodies this time around though, have a contrasting drawstring hood and chenille letter patch for an added collegiate feel. The collection will be dropping on October 10 at select retailers around the world. For a complete look, check out Nike Stadiums New York.