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Star Wars x adidas Originals – Good + Evil Football Jersey

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The playing field is level between good and evil. For those who are living up the soccer fever post World Cup with league games, this jersey may come as a fun addition to your game-watching wardrobe. Star Wars x adidas Originals has released two soccer jerseys, a Good Jersey Jedi Sporting Goods and an Evil Jersey Death Star Communication. While the former is spotted by Skywalker’s Republic F.C., the latter is donned by Vader and his team in away stripes, featuring Empire Athletics logo next to the golden Star Wars x adidas Originals logo which are also found on the Jedi Sporting Goods jersey. Right now, whether good or evil will triumph simply lies in the choice you make. So, will it be the Republic F.C.? Or will your loyalty lie with the Empire? via: TGWO