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Element Emerald Collection

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All those who push have grown up with Element Skateboards, and now, before the boys who had become men give up their decks and kicks in exchange for a suit and a tie, Element calls for them to pause, because it has grown up with them as well. To be launched soon on October 1, Element Skateboards had just debuted images of its Emerald line, a more mature and eco-conscious line of footwear made from premium materials for those who are looking for something a little more sophisticated and subtle for their feet (without sacrificing their love for kicks). The Emerald Collection features silhouettes we are familiar with, drawing inspiration from the boat shoe, the Chukkah, the slip-on and the hiking boot, and all remixed in subtle, earthy palettes for those who enjoy understatement. Check out the wide range of styles available which varies from high to low tops, laced to unlaced. Just because one has graduated from college, doesn’t mean one should have to graduate from everything else too. Skate or no skate, these are perfect for everyday wear as well.