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Jordan Brand - Girls Holiday 2010 | Collection Showcase

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Many of our readers wrote in about the grammatical error we made recently on the phrase "Girl's Rule" when it should be "Girls Rule" (Thank you!) In fact, there is a duplicity in definition of the phrase, explained Nike.  The young ladies highlighted in the current Nike and Jordan Brand campaign all followed their set of rules in life, whether its "live to inspire" or funny rants like "the sissification of modern man", hence, the "Girl's Rule" statement. Which have us come to the latter, "Girls Rule", and indeed, through their pursue of happiness on their own terms, they have found success and recognition.

Along with the anticipated Air Jordan II (2) Retro by Downtown's Sweetheart Vashtie Kola, Jordan Brand is launching a slew of lady-centric designs this holiday season, from Air Jordan 1 Anodized in flashy pink and emerald, to Jordan Flight 9 Six-Inch galore. With this many entries, we wouldn't be surprise if hot designers like Jason Wu or Alexander Wang join in the party. Look for Girls Holiday 2010 Collection from Jordan Brand at dealers nationwide in the coming months.