Panasonic LUMIX Phone | Coming Soon


Ahhh...nothing beats Gadget Porn on a Friday morning. While 2010 Photokina came and went last month. Executives at Panasonic failed to mention one more new product they have in the works - the Panasonic LUMIX Phone. Sure, there are plenty of 5+ megapixel camera phone out there, enough for any group of friends to have a "whose bigger contest" at any street corners. But Panasonic said their new phone would be different. It isn't just an add-on or an after thought. Instead, they built the phone components around the camera, which explained the specs of 13.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, the new Mobile VenusEngine image processor,  and a 3.3-inch VGA LCD screen. Unfortunately, we all have to wait for more information as the company unveils more details next Tuesday, October 5th. via: Gadget Lab