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Waste(twice) x Loopwheeler - After Hood Parka Hoodie

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For their label Waste(twice), designers Motoki Kawanabe and Shinsuke Kojima's search of authenticity have finally brought them home to Japan.  This season  the duo have teamed up our friend, Satoshi Suzuki of Loopwheeler, in what both called After Hood Parka.  Like all Loopwheeler product, these hoodies (description interchangeable with the term parka in Japan) were made to order because of the limited quantity each loopwheeler loom can produce.  But what it sacrificed in quantity, Waste(twice) makes up in quality.  Soft and resilience, the hoodie will get better with age and washes.  In heather grey, oatmeal, and navy with grey piping, the Waste(twice) x Loopwheeler - After Hood Parka is currently available at select Waste(twice) retailers in Japan and CUEVE online store in ZOZOTOWN shopping network.