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Maestro Knows Season 3 Episode 10 (Vashtie Kola)

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Be it a Saturday for us here on one side of the time zone or a Sunday for you there on the other side, our weekend routine are quite similar - a tranquil morning, a huge pot of coffee, catching up on the weekend edition of New York Times, and a glimpse of the latest web videos on our iPads, including our friend Levi Maestro. In this, episode 10 of season 3, Maestro, along with 13th Witness, caught up with Downtown's Sweetheart, Vashtie Kola, for the impromptu preview of her own Air Jordan II. As Maestro explained during the prologue, the release of this collab is a gamechanger for Jordan Brand and the world of sneaker aficionados. But for Vashtie Kola, it was nothing more than a chance of a lifetime and indescribable honor. With further ado, here is Maestro and Vashtie in their own words. Enjoy!