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Feiyue x André FE-LO

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Chinese heritage footwear company, Feiyue pursues to join the worlds of fashion and art, as visibly clear to audiences in their collections and marketing campaigns. The Feiyue sneaker becomes the slate for artists to deploy their creative expressions. Feiyue invited Parisian graffiti artist/entrepreneur/dictator of "after hours cool" André to create the FE-LO sneakers. The new FE-LO features a clean white surface and accenting with André's iconic pink and "Mr. A". André takes further steps in designing FE-LO, by incorporating his vision of Paris with inspiration from comics he read as a child, as well as psychedelic imagery from the sixties and seventies, to illustrate the shoebox and the sole of each Feiyue x André model.

The Feiyue x André FE-LO sneaker has a limited distribution and is available only at colette.