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Freshness Week In Review: 27/09/2010 - 01/10/2010

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Perhaps after this past week, Steve Jobs should be worried. Very worried. Because while it is no longer alone in the tablet market, its cellular competitor, Blackberry, has announced its new tablet, the Blackberry PlayBook, which proves to be a strong contender in the market currently dominated by Apple. As Blackberry RIM's shared jumped 1.4 percent and the company attempts to scoop up a sizable share of the market, other labels keep up with the weather and continues to steam roll their way through Fall. Supreme has released information on a few notable collaborations, especially one with Nike SB and another with Universal; adidas Originals paged in the Force and Lord Vader once again, and MINI pimped one of its rides for the world rally. Nike keeps on running with the girls, and Jordan Brand paid attention to the little ladies as well; meanwhile, LRG brings their folks from the streets to the Alpine Higher Than Hell, and G-Shock decides that it is not only protected against physical quakes, but is also able to deliver shocks of color without so much a tremor of uncertainty.

Universal Studios x Supreme - Universal Monsters Collection

The mummy, the phantom and the creature are all present. Universal Studio's less-than-heavenly creatures? Checked. Supreme? Checked. Hoodies and t-shirts feature your favorite mythical villains? Double checked.

» Universal Studios x Supreme - Univeral Monsters Collection


Supreme x Nike SB 94

Skate shoes designed by skaters for skaters by a skate label with skaters on its mind-- Supreme had teamed up with the perennial Nike SB to bring us a sure-fire hit, the Supreme x Nike SB 94. If there is anyone to be commissioned for a brand new skate model, Supreme would be the way to go.

» Supreme x Nike SB 94 - Sneak Peek» Supreme x Nike SB 94 - Detailed Look


Star Wars x adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 Collection

They might not be fighting with the lightsaber this time, but competition ensues as Yoda picks up a tennis racket and Chewbacca dunks over the Stormtroopers. Who are the better athletes? It really depends on who the force is with.

» Star Wars x adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - Apparel Collection» Star Wars x adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - Footwear Collection


Blackberry PlayBook

It's a good thing the iPad has enough cases out there to brace itself. The Blackberry PlayBook is officially here to shake up the touchscreen tablet world and perhaps knock iPad out of the rink (or at least give it a good run for its money). Good luck, Jobs.

» Blackberry PlayBook


Nike Sportswear - "Girls Rule"

Girls + cardio vascular exercise = aerobics + neon tights? That's way too 80s. Girls will run with the boys this season with Nike Sportswear backing the ladies up in the "Girls Rule" campaign, which is held to celebrate the launch of the new Aquadunk High Skinny designed for the ladies. Aside from the event, also check out a video featuring the ladies of Fruition on the run.

» Nike Sportswear - "Girls Rule" Event Los Angeles | Event Recap» Nike Sportswear - More Than Style - Samantha Jo Alonso of FRUITION | Video

Nike Air Max LeBron VIII


The evolution doesn't stop, and while Nike Air Max LeBron has made its way all the way over through seven models, it has unveiled the eight shoe this week, and behold LeBron fans for the new balling season with the new Nike Air Max LeBron VIII (8).

» Nike Air Max LeBron VIII (8) - Tech Specs» Nike Air Max LeBron VIII (8) China Edition


Married To The Mob Launches Men's

Who is married to the mob? Now we know who are the men behind the MOB ladies-- the men who will wear wear the shirts (pants are so last year). Married To The Mob had launched a new line of apparel for the men who love their MOB (Money Over Bitches).

» Married To The Mob Launches Men's


MINI WRC - 2011 World Rally Championship Car

MINI pimps a ride for the 2011 World Rally Championship, and we wouldn't have expected anything less.

» MINI WRC - 2011 World Rally Championship Car


LRG - Holiday 2010 - Alpine High As Hell

There is no where better to go than up and up, and LRG took their team off the streets, dressed them up and sent them up to Alpine High As Hell in a snug collection of cozy flannels, knits and denim for the days with powder, whisky and cocao.

» LRG - Holiday 2010 - "Alpine High As Hell" | Video» LRG - Holiday 2010 Collection Lookbook | Delivery 1


Jordan Brand - Girls Holiday 2010 | Collection Showcase

Be it about the "Girl's Rule" or in the simple spirit that "Girls Rule", Jordan Brand has the young ladies on their minds. The brand had revitalized their footwear for girls with new collaborators like New York City's downtown sweetheart, Vashtie Kola and released a good number of fresh renditions. So, by the girl's rule, toss out the heels and boots, and pick some shoes made for walking instead.

» Jordan Brand - Girls Holiday 2010 | Collection Showcase

Casio G-Shock - October 2010 Release

Casio's G-Shock continues on its indestructible path to shock the world in fall with colors. Classic models such as the DW6900 gets a coat of crazy brights and the Frogman comes leaping in new shades.

» Casio G-Shock - October 2010 Releases


adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010

Roam the streets with the street pack, run with the Jogging Hi and get a little color with the adicolor, adidas Originals has you covered from head to toe this fall.

» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - Street Pack» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - Jogging Hi» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - adi Color Men's Footwear Collection» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - adi Color Men's Apparel Collection