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UNIQLO x Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex UT Limited T-Shirt Collection

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Does art imitate life? Or does life imitate art? Though it wasn't his original intention when he created the Ghost in the Shell manga/anime franchise back in 1989. However, trinkets of graphic artist Masamune Shirow's hugely popular title have found themselves onto the real world. One example, the so-called "visual curtain" or light camouflage which enable invisibility, is now a feasibility study at the prestigious Tokyo University. However, with all the futuristic and fanciful possibilities Masamune Shirow presented. A question he has yet to answered and as a challenge to his fans will machines have souls in the future?

While it is yet to be seen if the predication will be true, fans of the manga and/or the anime could, in the meantime, exhibit their love for Shirow-san's visually stunning story in the latest UNIQLO collaboration for its UT line. A selection of 10 designs in total, each feature original graphics specifically created for this limited collection. All currently available at UT Harajuku store, select UNIQLO retail locations and its online store in Japan. Given the large contingents of manga/anime fans, it will be a matter of time before the collection lands Stateside.

UT Store Harajuku
6-10-8 Jingumae | Map
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan