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adidas Originals – Fall/Winter 2010 – OT Tech Apparel Collection

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A tinge of paisley, some Originals blue and a whole lot of jagged chomps, adidas Originals goes Originals Tokyo by drawing Tokyo streetwear aesthetics into the Originals Neighborhood. The Fall/Winter 2010 offering from adidas Originals’ recently launched (last year) OT Tech collection continues to go technical with shell jackets featuring updated paisley prints, and long-sleeved and short sleeved black and white t-shirt accented by the jagged edge signature to the OT Tech line-up. The blue, the dandy floral and the jagged can all be found on the matching footwear from the collection as well. While the prints may carry the energetic Japanese streetwear designs, worry not about the wear-ability because eye-catching and simplicity have been quite finely balanced.