Panasonic - LUMIX Phone


Logging in at 13.2 MP, the LUMIX Phone is not ye old regular camera phone, and has definitely kicked the other prevalent phone lens and camera hardware to the shame bucket, including iPhone 4's updated 5.0MP camera. And thanks to the photography expertise of the Panasonic LUMIX family, who has been supplying the world with digital photography wonders from point and shoot to beyond, making a camera that is also a phone (note, this is quite different from a phone that is also a camera) absolutely conceivable.

The new LUMIX phone has finally been announced after debuting at the Ceatec Show in Tokyo with little information, and it not only comes with a 13.2MP and 27mm wide angle lens, it is also built with the ladies who live on taking mobile pictures in mind. For instance, the "shoot" button has been strategically placed to be a comfortable two-knuckled distance away for the ladies; and the lens has been situated so one's fingers or knuckles would not block the camera.

It comes with a 3.3 inch touch screen display, and also features Panasonic's Mobile VenusEngine which is a picture processing chip that improves color production. Images taken can then be shared over WiFi or the DLNA. The phone is made for NTT DoCoMo in Japan and sadly, is unlikely to be available anywhere else. images via: +D Mobile