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FUTURA LABORATORIES x Descente - Photostream H.C.S. Down Jacket

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A new design from FUTURA LABORATORIES and Descente will drop some time this month. Photostream H.C.S. Down Jacket is the name of the jacket and it is a hi tech down jacket utilizing H.C.S. Down system that captures heat inside the jacket and prevents warmth from escaping. Another key feature is that it is thinner than usual down material and it is made with stretchable material allowing for more movement.

As far as the design is concerned, it is jet black on the exterior with FL and Descente logos and diagonal water resistant zippers. Face mask is integrated in the hood to protect the face from cold winds and cuffs are wind proofed using extra thick elastic. FUTURA fans would be able to stare at the inner lining for hours as it is made with numerous photos taken by FUTURA. Lastly there are shoulder straps integrated on the inside of the jacket which allows for the jacket to be carried on the shoulders like a back pack when not needed.