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Nike SB October 2010 Appreal + Accessories Release


For Fall 2010, Nike SB envisioned its fans to become hunters of fresh enclaves to iterate their skate skills. That yet-to-grind handrail, those unmarked park benches, this newly painted embankment ramp... all will become preys in time. Aside from the anticipated Real Tree Camouflage edition (included trademarked Real Tree camo from hunting apparel), Fall 2010's first release also include insulation-lined hoodie and accessories for the colder months beyond October. For those who really need something more hefty, the new Nike SB 58th Chapter Club Jacket might just do the trick. And as for those who wants to emulate the best, a full range of Paul Rodriguez P-Rod Eagle merchandises, from caps, hoodies, to tees. The Nike SB October 2010 release, apparel, accessories, and sneakers, all will be available at a Nike SB dealer near you in the coming days.