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BAPE – Quicksta

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Perhaps the only people who prefer velcro straps over shoe laces are toddlers and lazy people. Whatever the case is, BAPE have produced the latest Quicksta based on its classic Skullsta model. The shoe laces have been eliminated to make way for three velcro straps in its place. “Ape Shall Never Kill Ape” is printed across the three velcro straps and a distinct toe design creates an unique aesthetic. A good selection of basic colorways are produced in white/navy, black/gray, gray/white and brown. BAPE Sta logo is placed on the sides of the kicks and heel section is printed with the BAPESTA logo. Unseen from the top view is the outsole design that is made up of repetitive BAPE patterns and Ape logo. Check your local BAPE stores or BAPELAND online store.