Swatch – New Gent Collection Launch | Event Recap


Yes, we know it is only Wednesday night, and yes, we know the work week is only just half over. But that didn’t stop hundreds of evening revelers as they crowded into the newest hotspot of New York City, the Plunge Bar at Gansevoort Park Avenue. The draw? it was fashion icon Richie Rich (sorry) nor was hip-hop star Fabolous. But Twilight sensation Nikki Reed and the various accessories on her wrists, the New Gent Collection from Swatch. Homage to Swatch’s root, each of the 10 designs is a simple tonal fare. Much like the same ones favored by Swatch’s former CEO, the late Nicolas Hayek. Despite its masculine name, the reps on site were quick to point out that like most Swatch timepiece, the New Gent is an unisex design. And as the evening winded down, the attendees took time to see the night skyline of Manhattan before heading to the next party. The Swatch New Gent Collection is now available at Swatch retail locations and online store.