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Apple iPhone 4 "Confirmed" Coming To Verizon Wireless In Spring 2011 | Rumor

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First "yes" then "no", then "yes" again, then "no" once more... the see-sawing effect is such that we are now taking any purported Apple iPhone rumors not with a grain of salt, but one hundred-pound of rock salt.  In fact, we recently banished an intern, with spitballs and an assortment of indescribable, after he declared that iPhone 4 is coming to Verizon Wireless, again.  All office antics aside, he might be right after all.  Though Verizon Wireless and Apple quickly extinguished the initial claims by several stock analysts, The Wall Street Journal is picking up where they left off.  In an article published a day ago, the venerable business daily stated "according to people familiar with the matter" that Apple is ramping up production on a CDMA-base iPhone 4, the same wireless technology used by Verizon and SprintThe Journal went on to say that Verizon will launch its iPhone 4 early next year, with a Sprint version not far behind.  How credible was the Journal's report?  Well, they're confident enough to figuratively bid the farm on this one with the backing of the top technology writer, Walt Mossberg.  We're secretly hoping they are wrong.  Otherwise, we will owe our Intern lunch...for the rest of the year. WSJ video after the jump...