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Apple - iPhone 4 "Glassgate" Saga - Cases Might Break iPhone 4 Glass

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Fear ensues after Apple iPhone 4's infamous "Antennagate" issue (remember when the world discovered signal issues relating to the bottom left corner of the antenna strip?), as Ryan Block, of GDGT and former chief of Engadget, had discovered that 3rd party iPhone 4 cases that were said to resolve "Antennagate" could potentially scratch up and damage the iPhone 4 glass through no fault of the user.

According to Block, the slider iPhone 4 cases are prone to getting things stuck to the case, between the case and the phone, and the next time the user removes the case, he or she may discover that the back has shattered through no fault of the user. Prolonged unexpected scratching may lead to the eventual shattering of the glass, and hence this may be a reason to opt for the backless bumper cases over third-party slider ones.via: Wired