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Ben Drury x Nike - "Ground Control to London" | Video

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The seasoned partnership between Nike and designer Ben Drury continues after the duo had worked with British artist, Dizzee Rascal, in releasing a pair of literally tongue-in-cheek Nike Air Max 1. The latest collaboration comes in the form of a video to celebrate Nike's running prerogative this season. The video, "Ground Control To London" is based on a recent run with Run Dem Crew at night, and explores the relationship between the runner and the city. Like the recent collaboration with Jun Takahashi, the Gyakusou International Running Association, the video makes the concept of running through a city at night a viable, interesting one, changing the trite association of jogging with morning and parks. Check out the video which leads us through 11 kilometers, and finally lands us on the moon. Lunar references served up on a platter, anyone? via: Nike Stadiums