INSA - High Heels & Low Life Exhibition | EXTRABOLD Gallery


UK graffiti writer turned artist INSA is at it again with another small exhibition at EXTRABOLD in Luxembourg. Inside the compact gallery space was a image wall of fame, an archive of works by INSA, spanned the horizon on one side. Other works on display were four bas-relief tiles in multiple colorways behind the custom designed high heels. One of the most interesting piece of the exhibition was the vortex like wave painted on the side wall. Unfortunately, this was static image on the actual wall but the GIF animation made by INSA translates well on the computer. To get this effect to work, INSA painstakingly painted the gallery wall six times conveying movement in the art work. The animated GIF can be seen on INSA's blog, or you could visit the gallery in person.


24 av. de la Liberté | Map
1930 Luxembourg