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COMME des GARçONS Junya Watanabe Man x Levis – Jeans

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COMME des GARÇONS is the best selling fashion brand to come out from Japan and the latest from Junya Watanabe Man collection shows why they are at the top of their game. No small detail is over looked on the latest collaboration with Levi’s. In fact to be exact, there is one collaboration jeans and two reconstruction denim pieces. The official collaboration product is the PT P206 which is based on black denim with a tapered silhouette that is accented by bright red stitch work.

The other pieces are customization on the classic Levi’s models. PT P203 is a customization on the Levi’s 503 model and it features red fabric on the side of the jeans and large brown corduroy pieces on the lower front section. Camouflage inner lining has been added to create a focal point once the denims are rolled up. Another customized model, PT P204 is based on vintage denim made in 1947. This model has been modified in a minimal way to keep its authentic looks. Only major modification occurs on the rear pockets, where a reinforcement camouflage pattern is used and the whole rear pocket angled few degrees off the original position. This reveals the unworn raw denim on the bottom creating a nice contrast.