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Freshness Week In Review: 10/04/2010 - 10/08/2010

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This seems to be a week of controversy and debate, be it something political like the saga of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, or something related to design like the new Gap logo. However, opinions and arguments aside, we have unearthed interesting things this week and spent some time dodging cars at a drifting rally, hanging out with Nikki Reed (aka Rosalie from Twilight) at the Swatch New Gents Collection Launch, sharing a quick word with Steven Alan over some plaid button downs and slim khakis, and talking everything sonic and tunes with contemporary motown sweetheart, Mayher Hawthorne. Of course, something we just can't get over from this week includes Dwight Howard's stunning performance with Ken Jeong which convinced us that fast don't lie, and a 13.2MP camera phone from Lumix. Check out a quick review of everything you should know for the first week of October, and stock up on a some conversation starters for the coming week.

Tron Legacy Limited Edition Bike Suit

Ride like Sam Flynn in the latest limited edition Tron Legacy Bike Suit. Coolness status acquired-- bike neither provided nor necessary.

» Tron Legacy Limited Edition Bike Suit


Tretorn - Spring/Summer 2011 | Preview

It is about the rain boots, but it is not just about the galoshes for Spring/Summer 2011 with Tretorn.

» Tretorn - Spring/Summer 2011 | Preview


Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale | Qualification Round With Team Need For Speed

Drift, doge some cars, drift and dodge more cars flying by at near incomprehensible speed at Formula Drift Round 7 held in Irwindale, CA, with Team Need For Speed.

» Formula Drift Round 7 - Irwindale | Qualifying Round With Team Need For Speed


Swatch - New Gents Collection Launch | Event Recap

The Swiss always have some things right-- chocolate, and watches. Swatch paves into the mens market with the New Gents Collection, and Twilight's Nikki Reed hosted the event held at Gansevoort Park Avenue.

» Swatch - New Gents Collection Launch | Event Recap


Steven Alan x Dockers | Event Recap

The man who knows shirts also knows pants, and now his expertise in pants are no longer a secret with the launch of the Steven Alan x Dockers collection. Cue urban woodsman button downs, slim khakis and well-dressed Americans.

» Steven Alan x Dockers | Event Recap

Fresh Music: Mayer Hawthorne

He might have softly broken our hearts with the soulful crooning about how it just ain't gonna work out, but his iridescent modern motown vibes have us falling in love over and over again, and we are here to find out a little more about Mayer Hawthorne.

» Fresh Music: Mayer Hawthorne


Panasonic - LUMIX Phone

Is it a phone with a camera? Or is it a camera with a phone? With 13.2MP and a cerebral design aimed for those who enjoy picture taking, we are leaning more towards the latter description for the new Panasonic Lumix Phone.

» Panasonic - Lumix Phone


Nike SB - October 2010 Releases

It's that time of the month again-- fresh shoes and fresh toppers have hit stores for those who push. Courtesy of Nike SB.

» Nike SB - October 2010 - Apparel + Accessories Releases
» Nike SB - October 2010 - Sneakers Releases


Nike - Original Marty McFly "Mag" For Sale

The legendary shoes you have dreamed about, talked about, envied and drooled over when you were watching Back To The Future is now going to be put up for auction. Auto lacing action and competitive scrambles shall ensue at the Profiles In History Auction.

» Nike - Original Marty McFly "Mag" For Sale


GAP New Logo

Love it or hate it, it seems like the new GAP logo is here to stay. Perhaps if there is enough opposition online, GAP will bring back the beloved original?

» GAP New Logo

adidas Originals - October 2010

First there were the Non-Dye, now we have the Over Dye for Fall/Winter 2010 from adidas Originals. Along with the new tonal shoes, adidas Originals has also brought us a dose of Jeremy Scott with the Spring/Summer 2011 ObyO Jeremy Scott preview, and touch of Tokyo from the OT Tech pack.

» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - Overdye Pack
» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - OT Tech Footwear Collection
» adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott - Spring/Summer 2011 - Paris Showroom | Recap


adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - Blue Collection

It may be named the blue collection, but aside from the Originals spirit, there is nothing blue and down about the adidas Originals Blue Collection for Fall/Winter 2010. In fact, cue a quick shot of energy with simple monochromatic shades and padded outerwear that will have you out and about in max spirit.

» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - A.039 Blue Apparel Collection
» adidas Originals - Fall/Winter 2010 - A.039 Blue Footwear Collection


adidas Basketball - Fast Don't Lie Ft. Dwight Howard + Derrick Rose + Slim Chin | Video

When Dwight Howard tells you fast don't lie, we can't do anything but believe in the power of speed in basketball. When Ken Jeong raps it to us, we just want to put the song on repeat. If anything, we are all firm believers of speed now.

» adidas Basketball - Fast Don't Like Ft. Dwight Howard + Derrick Rose + Slim Chin | Video


Jordan Brand - December/Holiday 2010 Release

Jordan Brand preps for the holiday season with models old and new and coveted, such as the high profile Air Jordan 1 Anodized, and the charitable Doernbecher release.

» Jordan Brand - December/Holiday 2010 Releases
» Air Jordan III Doernbecher Preview