Lexus - "World's Most Advanced" Driving Simulator | Video


This 56 foot device rests on lengthy tracks that can move in both axes, looking deceivingly like a space lifted from a sci-fi movie. It tilts back and forth, and can move at a leisurely coast or a break-neck speed up to 186 mph. This is not a flight simulation, nor a space in the NASA program. This is Lexus' dedication to tomorrow, and the relentless pursuit for excellence and safety, and living up to its reputation as one of the most reliable luxury automobiles in the world. This mammoth being is the Lexus driving simulator, which allows Lexus to conduct tests to learn about driver behavior and reaction times under different circumstances such as driving while texting, driving when drowsy and driving under poor visibility. The test results will contribute to Lexus engineers figure out what safety features could be added and what technology could help prevent future accidents. Check out the video of the driving simulator, and head over to Lexus to check out what other innovations and research the company is conducting for a safer, better, driving experience.