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CHANEL Mobile Art by Zaha Hadid - Found Permanent Home In Paris

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Mobile Art - CHANEL Contemporary Art Container

All Photos by Kaufman

Though its stint was shorten by the sudden economy down turn in 2008. Luxury fashion house CHANEL, designer Karl Lagerfeld, and Prikzter Architecture Prize winner Zaha Hadid have decided to resurrect Mobile Art, the traveling CHANEL Contemporary Art Container, once more, this time permanently at its original final destination of Paris. Unprecedented in its scale and concept for art lovers and fashion addicts, the UFO-shaped exhibition hall will sit next to another Prikzter Architecture Prize winner, Jean Novel, metal and glass creation at the Arab World Institute, a perfect juxtaposition between one organic style and structured form. The Mobile Art will house collaborative artworks from 15 artists, each utilized CHANEL as an inspiration. If everything goes accordingly, the complex is set to open in March of 2011. via: WWD

Arab World Institute
1 rue des Fossés Saint-Bernard | Map
Place Mohammed V
75236 Paris Cedex France
TEL #: 01-40-51-38-38

Slated To Open: March 2011

Artists from around the globe is taking part in the exhibition, which include:
Nobuyoshi Araki (Japan) | Blue Noses (Russia) | Lee Bul (South Korea) | Daniel Buren (France) | Sophie Calle (France) | Loris Cecchini (Italy) | Wim Delvoye (Beligum) | Leandro Erlich (Argentina) | Sylvie Fleury (Switzerland) | Yang Fudong (China) | Subodh Gupta (India) | Fabrice Hyber (France) | Y.Z. Kami (Iran) | David Levinthal (USA) | Michael Lin (Taiwan) | Yoko Ono (USA) | Pierre et Gilles (France) | Stephen Shore (USA) | Tabaimo (Japan) | Soju Tao (Japan)

Mobile Art - CHANEL Contemporary Art Container

Mobile Art - CHANEL Contemporary Art Container

Mobile Art - CHANEL Contemporary Art Container