Schwinn - Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike


The heritage bicycle company born and bred in the Windy City, Schwinn, had recently been awarded the Eurobike Gold Award for its innovative design with the first ever flax fiber biodegradable Vestige. After the bamboo bike, it seems as though cyclists and bike makers are taking the already eco-friendly sport and commuting experience up to a even friendlier level. The new Vestige features a flax fiber bike frame treated with water-resistant properties, with fenders and grips made from bamboo, and tires made from a special recyclable material. For those who are uncertain about opting for something other than carbon fiber bike frame, the new flax fiber frame features the same properties as the carbon fiber frame and is no less lightweight or durable.

For the environmentalists out there who wish to eliminate their carbon footprints as completely as possible, the Vestige would make anyone proud.