Apple - "Back To The Mac." | Press Event Speculation


Apple's press events have long ceased to become simple announcements and have grown to be more like rock concerts or runway shows everyone want to be looped in on real time. The next Apple press event will be held soon on October 20, and for the past few events, we have seen the iPad, the iPhone 4, and of course, a collection of remodeled iPods. So, what is to come? Verizon iPhone? iPad 2.0? Well, while details are definitely sketchy at best for now, the invite does take us "Back to the Mac." so we can safely assume the next announcement has something to do with a new Mac OS? With the lion peeking out from the bitten apple, perhaps the successor to the Snow Leopard will be the Lion and we will know more about the OS X, a non-mobile product? via: Engadget

Stay tuned on October 20 as that is when everything will go down.