Canon Cross Media Station - Uploads Images And Charges Batteries All Wirelessly ?


While gadgets already exist for charging batteries wirelessly (i.e. PowerMat) or instantaneously uploading photos from your camera (i.e. Eye-Fi), imaging giant Canon is going beyond the conventional thinking with the Canon Cross Media Station. Though just a demonstration prototype, the mysterious gloss black unit is already generating a huge buzz on gadget blogs, electronic magazines and so on. What looks like a wide, flat printer is really charging and media reader. With only mere contact, photos from cameras get upload, arranged and categorized, to TV or computer. In the meantime, a stream of power charges the camera's battery, all seamlessly and wirelessly. No words on the specification of the device or when it will be available. But do check the video after the jump to see the prototype in action. via: Engadget//TrustedReviews