Organic Bikes - 2011 Edwin Town Bike | Preview


As we gradually become more and more environmentally cautious, companies are continuously developing methods and products to reduce the environmental impact as well. We are seeing far more recycling and less use of plastic everywhere today. It is not unexpected to see yet another environmentally friendly innovative product on the market the Organic Bikes' Edwin Town Bike.

It was not long ago that we saw Bamboocycles put their concerns for the environment into action and develop a sustainable bicycle, using a more primitive structural bamboo design. Without further ado, Organic Bikes has also put in their token of concern and created the Edwin Town Bike, which will be available in the early months of 2011. Constructed with 100% recycled alloy lugs and natural laid-up bamboo tubing, bumps and grooves of the original bamboo itself are eliminated allowing a smooth surface.

The Edwin Town Bike provides a much smoother ride even in high speeds and is 30% lighter than its predecessor.  Using the NuVinci N360 drive, the bicycle is user friendly and virtually maintenance-free. Offered in five sizes (XS, S, M, L & XL), the bike will fit ergonomically with any rider. Additionally, an optional Farmers Market rear rack add-on is currently in the works, which will make your trip to the local farmers market or grocer even more convenient. Retailing at $1599.99, this is the perfect bike for the adventurous, the recreational and the environmental.