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GQ - 100 Things Kanye Taught GQ

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It isn't just about revolutionizing the way hip-hop world dresses (thank you for being one of the forerunners of skinny jean rappers), and it isn't just about stealing spotlight from little girls and nices shoes, fast cars. Kanye West is a byzantine character with a myriad of interests and a variety of friends as eclectic as a flea market (recent attendees for the screening of his short film, "Runaway" include designer Kim Jones, stylist Virgil Abloh, and Central St. Martin's students, and random gawking fans). He not only raps, sings like a robot, but has dabbled in art, collaborated with Louis Vuitton in designing kicks, and swept the world away with his Tweets. This is a man who is everywhere because he is determined to be, and brings the spotlight ON him everywhere he goes. And so, when GQ attended West's Runaway screening in London, they pondered and came up with a list of 100 things West has taught them (that said, the GQ folks are big Yeezy fans) through the film.

The list includes but doesn't stop at-- West likes to wear red suits in a white room; that everyone in Runaway looked so good because Philip Lim designed the costumes; that he interned at Fendi for three months; and that if he were to really step into fashion, he would want to do something that would rival Lanvin and would require 20 years of experience. Delusional? Or a genius? The line between the two has been getting thinner and thinner in Yeezy's world, and who knows, sometimes the most successful are those with amazing delusional foresight that seems unachievable.

Enjoy the list of 100 at GQ.