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Lupe Fiasco x Japanese Cartoon - "Heirplane" | Official Video By 13th Witness

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With his storied images and recent video works with The Deftones and John Mayer, 13thWitness was recently asked to direct "Heirplane", the song from In the Jaws of The Lords of Death, debut EP of Japanese Cartoon, the Indie-Post Punk band founded by Wasalu M. Jaco, better known by his stage name of Lupe Fiasco. Fashioned after the 80's slasher horror films, the sequence was shot in the Catskill Mountains of New York with model Sarah Anne McSweeney (Married to The MOB fame) and actress Tiffany Archer as the starting focuses. Followed both leading roles were Graham Burris, Japanese Cartoon's bassist, Erik Hammer, guitarist for the band, and Lupe Fiasco himself. With help from seasoned video stylist Josh Madden, who worked on various projects from Good Charlotte music video to Kangol ads. The video panned in on the campfire scene, ensued by a chase sequence in the woods, and finalized at the iconic West Taghkanic diner. Expressively, the video conveys a message of action, involvement, and inclusion of today's youth culture, which sometimes could be of fringe of mainstream ideals. Otherwise, the progression of mainstream culture in the near future would grind to a stop. Lupe Fiasco x Japanese Cartoon - "Heirplane", presented by 13thWitness. Enjoy!